In the past few years, the rate of suicide amongst farmers has doubled due to anxiety, depression, as the potato bomb exploded on them. Every year, farmers have to dispose of potatoes, and they are unable to earn profit from their production. The government is continuously neglecting this crucial issue, offering no aid to farmers. Potato is perhaps the most seen vegetable in the kitchen. The demand for potato is high, whereas the remunerative prices for their potatoes are low. Agriculture experts have indicated that if the government didn’t take steps to solve this situation, the rate of suicide can get higher in the coming years. However, it seems that many farmers have found their way out of this depressing issue by growing CBD Hemp instead. If you want to learn about hemp wholesale companies, visit this page and read about industrial hemp farms.

Why is CBD Hemp profitable to grow for Farmers?

Hemp is one of the most useful plants as it is durable, allows sustainable farming, and causes 0 waste to the environment. High CBD (cannabidiol) hemp buds are the most important part of the hemp which sells for approx. £7000 / KG on retail. The second most useful part of the plant is the CBD oil, which is extracted from flowers and leaves of the hemp. 

It also has a great selling value of around £3000 (USD 3,646) / KG retail. The third and last are the stalks of hemp that are high in demand for their cellulose, fiber, and biomass. Hemp seeds and oil also has a great selling value of around £20 / KG retail. 

5 Benefits of Hemp Farming 

Hemp farming has so many winning benefits over any other farming. So it is a clever and profit-generating idea to switch to CBD Hemp with many additional benefits.

1. Durable Hemp Clothing 

Cotton is one of the durable and strong clothing fibers which require the use of pesticides to grow it. Contrary to this, hemp fiber is ten times stronger than cotton with more durability. Growing hemp doesn’t require the use of pesticides and helps in the reduction of economic and environmental impacts. 

2. Cheaper Alternative for Construction 

Hemp-based material is a great alternative to wooden material. The manufacturing cost of hemp is also low compared to other materials. 

3. Health Benefits of Hemp 

Hemp oil is more beneficial than soy as it has a higher percentage of essential fatty acids, low percentage of saturated fats, and more proteins than soy.  Hemp oil is widely used to make a variety of food items and other products.

4. Economic Benefits of Hemp 

Hemp farming offers countless opportunities for small farmers to succeed, especially for the states and regions where the economy depends on agriculture. 

5. Sustainable and Low-cost Hemp Fuel 

Hemp produces low-cost fuel, which can be a great replacement for non-renewable energy sources. It leaves a positive impact on both the economy and the environment. 

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