Have you been considering solar panels for your home? You already know how beneficial solar energy is for the environment, but it’s such an expensive investment; how do you know when it’s worthwhile?

There are many benefits to going solar. If you’re in Oregon solar panels are growing in popularity while electrical costs are rising. Do you want to join in on the eco-trend?

If you need convincing, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn more about why solar energy should be in your future. 

1. They Help the Environment

Let’s get the most obvious factor out of the way. Solar energy is better for the environment than the energy that you’re already using. 

There’s no way to have a zero-carbon footprint, but this is a great way to help that you can do passively. Once the solar panels are installed you’re doing good work for the environment without lifting a finger.

If you want an eco-friendly home, solar panels are one of the best steps to take. 

2. You Save Money

We know that solar panels are expensive, but you’re going to be saving money (and maybe even getting some back) once your home is solar-powered.

While you’ll still be connected to the grid, you’ll be using less of the grid’s energy for your home. If you reach net-zero for your energy, you won’t be paying for electricity at all. 

You may also receive tax benefits from your solar power. 

3. You Increase Your Home Value

As we mentioned, we know that solar panels are a big investment. They last for around 25 years though, so you’ll save money in the long run.

But what if you aren’t planning on making your current home your forever home? Is solar installation still worthwhile?

We think so. When you install solar panels you’re increasing the value of your home. More and more people are interested in saving the planet by going solar, so your home becomes more desirable when you put it on the market. 

4. Solar Is More Affordable Than Ever

Solar power used to be considered a luxury that only the very wealthy or major businesses could afford.

Because of the demand and increased availability of solar panels, you might be surprised at how little you’ll spend. It might be a sticker shock at first, but in comparison to solar panels of the past, you’ll be getting more efficiency for less money. 

You’re going to earn money back from this initial investment through the tax benefits and the lowered energy costs. This isn’t a cost that you get no value from. 

When you compare the cost to the savings, it’s a fair price to pay to help protect the environment. Search for “solar providers near me” today to get an estimate on your potential solar panels. 

Going Green? Oregon Solar Panels Are the Future

If you’re ready to start your eco-friendly lifestyle, Oregon solar panels should be on your mind. Find a solar provider in your area to start doing your part in helping the environment (and helping your wallet). 

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