If you’re trying to find ways to become more environmentally friendly and also save some money, then renewable energy investments are a great opportunity. Not only will you be making a good choice for the environment, but you can also reduce or maybe even eliminate your utility bills. Tax incentives make going for alternative energy an even more affordable option today. If you’re interested in making the switch, here are a few ways you could power your home with renewable energy.

1. Install a Wind Turbine

Wind turbines can produce a great deal of energy and they’re a good choice if you have a large home and high energy consumption. However, you should do the math to decide if installing a turbine is going to be justified when considering the savings you could make.

Home wind turbines can take up to a few years to be profitable, depending on the wind speed in your area. Make sure that you check the wind intensity to determine if this option is even a good choice, as you may not live in an area that is practical for wind power. You’ll also need to have a fair amount of space for the turbine and they will add to the ambient noise levels. Often, they’re a good choice for people who live in more rural areas. If you meet these conditions, the turbine will usually generate enough energy to cover most of your home’s electricity needs, so it can be a smart investment in some cases.

Be aware that you may need to obtain planning permission to erect a wind turbine, so check your local zoning laws before you commit to buying one.

2. Solar Panels

If you have basic energy needs, then switching to solar panels is probably going to be your best option. By installing just a few panels in the yard or on your roof, you can generate most of the power your house needs for normal use. You may even be able to generate a little extra energy, which can be stored and saved or even sold into the national grid, saving you a little more money. However, make sure that you use a reliable company to install your solar panels for you, such as GreenForm. Settling for poor work can damage your roof and good contractors will know how to install your panels, so you get the maximum amount of energy possible.

3. Hydropower

Whether this option is viable will largely depend on your location. If you have a source of flowing water on or near your property, then it’s an option that you could consider. Hydropower works by diverting a stream of water through a turbine to generate power. Depending on the water stream, you could produce a lot of power. But keep in mind that you’ll need to invest in a hydropower generator as well and might need professional help to have it installed if you don’t have the expertise.

What’s great about hydropower is that the flow is continuous. Unlike solar and wind energy, which vary, hydro is stable and you always get the same input, no matter the weather. If your primary interest is a reliable and constant energy source, then hydro is definitely for you.

4. Solar Water Heating

Solar panels aren’t the only way you can harness the power of the sun for your household needs. Solar water heaters use the power of the sun to heat water directly, which then passes through radiators or can be used for your everyday hot water needs. Since water can be expensive to heat, you could significantly reduce your costs by using solar heat. It’s also one of the easiest renewable energy sources to implement. If your area doesn’t allow you to power your entire house with renewable energy yet, consider starting with a solar water heater.

5. Solar Air Conditioning

Although using the heat from the sun to keep your home cool seems like a strange concept, it’s actually a good option. This system uses similar principles as a solar water heater but instead uses the hot water in an air conditioning system.

Air conditioning consumes a lot of energy, which can easily add up at the end of the year, especially in a hot climate. Consider setting up this system if you live in an area that has at least three months where you’re using your air conditioner on a regular basis. You may also be able to set up your system to get air conditioning and solar water heating at the same time.

6. Biomass

Biomass is one of the latest innovations in eco-friendly fuel. Biomass is made from organic waste such as scrap lumber, agricultural waste, manure, and general debris. Biomass allows you to lower your heating costs while producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions when compared to fossil fuel use. Since much of this organic waste ends in landfills or burnt in open fires, using biomass helps to maintain forests and crops.

7. Consider Investing in a Tesla Powerwall

Although the Powerwall is probably not going to serve as your primary power supply system, you can use it to store and reuse energy either from the grid or other sources. The Powerwall can charge itself from the grid when prices are low and discharge when they are high. But the Powerful really shines when it’s used with other sources of renewable energy.

You can use your Powerwall with solar panels and store the energy for days when you don’t generate enough solar power. You can also charge it and then go completely off the grid for a few days a week. The Powerwall can work as a handy and reliable backup source for anyone, so you definitely should consider it as one of your options.


Going green has never been easier than today and there are more green energy alternatives than ever before. We suggest that you take a closer look at these options to decide which one would work the best for your needs. You’ll be surprised at the sheer number of options available today.

Source: https://safeatlast.co/blog/renewable-energy-statistics/ 

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