By now, most people are convinced that we need something else to power our industries, automobiles and houses. Fossil fuels like coal, oil and even natural gas are damaging for our environment and not going to be the energy source of the future.   

Although there is no debate that fossil fuels have just got to go, finding alternative sources of clean energy has been a real challenge. Alternative and renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro-electricity have been around for some time now, and they have become more efficient and economically viable today than ever before. But, why alternate sources of energy? Why not keep filling our old vehicles with the old gasoline just like we have been doing?

Why alternate sources of energy?

energy-139366_1280-300x199Since the industrial revolution, we have been using fossil fuels to power our houses, automobiles, offices and factories. Analyzing the data from 1900 till today, scientists have concluded without a doubt that the global temperature has been rising, and it’s mainly due to our own activities.

The main contributor to global warming has been identified, by scientists, as the increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases cover the globe like a blanket, trapping heat within the Earth’s atmosphere, this is known as the greenhouse effect. As we burn more fossil fuels, more carbon dioxide gets added to the atmosphere, adding to the greenhouse effect.

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So, with that being said, it  brings us to the next question, what is next?

What are some alternate energy sources?

Right now, the main focus is on wind and solar because these two industries are growing at a rapid pace. There have been amazing developments in the solar industry. Wind has also been a promising source of energy. There are also experiments being done to harness energy from hydrogen and tidal waves of the ocean. Nuclear power has been one of the most controversial topics because of the dangers of radioactivity.

The two most popular alternative sources of energy being considered today are wind and solar. However, they are still expensive, space consuming and can be impractical in certain situations. For example, scientists are finding ways to run little devices that can run on something else, other than batteries.  Other methods of energy generation being tried include energy from body heat, vibration, space radiation, and even from microbes.

The wind of change

After the 2015 American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Windpower Conference, fiber optic technology has become the center of attention in wind farms. Integrating fiber optics for networking, control devices, switching and transmitting energy would significantly improve wind farm efficiency.

“The answer is quite simple: the combination of safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliable performance in extreme conditions makes fiber very attractive for use in wind power applications.” – Renewable Energy World

Low cost solar on the horizon

Helios_in_flightSome of the facts and figures about solar panels found at Solar Market Insight Report 2014 Q4 | SEIA has proven that solar panels on rooftops, houses, and even in automobiles is becoming more and more cost effective and gaining popularity. For example, the U.S. installed 6,201 MWdc of solar PV in 2014, which is up 30% over 2013, making 2014 the largest year ever in terms of PV installations. Moreover, prices fell 13% in 2014 alone, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.


Today, the global awareness around the world is growing gradually but surely. People around the world are convinced that there is a need for cleaner, reusable, alternate source of energy. As the global population increases, demand for clean sources of energy will also increase, and we will be forced to find alternate sources of energy that doesn’t destroy the environment or add carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

The sun and the wind are among the two most abundant sources of clean reusable energy that has made tremendous progress in the recent decade. However, generating energy from the sun or wind is still expensive and space consuming. There are several other alternative sources of energy being researched and considered. In the future, we have no choice but to generate all our energy through clean and reusable sources.

“So scientists continue the quest for abundant, cheap and efficient energy by investigating lesser-known sources, ones that may seem a little unusual, even ridiculous, unrealistic and, in some cases, morbid” –  Discovery News

We need more people to enter the reusable energy industry, to research and find alternative sources of energy, to develop new and better technology for our own existence. Our future depends on how well we develop and manage resources and preserve the resources that we already have. We need technology that is clean and regenerative, that preserves and restores the planet.

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Source:  Institute of Ecolonomics

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