It is undeniable that over the last few decades the climate has changed in response to humanity’s increasing consumption of goods and electricity. Though many are doing what they can at home to take control of their carbon fueled consumption, not enough businesses are doing their part to protect our environment and go green.

Every business has a number of opportunities open to it to reduce waste, operate with better energy efficiency, and promote the more environmentally sound solutions that the future needs, such as solar panels and electric vehicles.

Here is a quick guide we have prepared to a few of the things that any business – no matter what its size and scope – can do to make a positive impact on the planet.

Invest in Energy Efficiency and Production – It Pays for Itself

Businesses across the world have made huge energy savings by switching to more efficient energy solutions and products like energy-efficient lighting and solar panel and battery storage.

Investments like solar panels and battery power storage systems pay for themselves very quickly when operated by a business. The technology is scalable, so it can be tailored to suit a business of any size and provide it with consistent, zero-emission electricity for a much cheaper price per unit than conventional power suppliers.

Recycle, Re-use and Reclaim – Take Responsibility for Your Waste

One of the biggest stresses we put on the planet is dealing with our waste, and businesses, in particular, can be incredibly wasteful, failing to see the savings that can be made from recycling and waste reduction.

Some companies generate huge amounts of varied waste. In the manufacturing industry, for example, there will be waste paper and plastic from packaging, as well as rough material waste from their manufacturing processes. There are nationwide industrial recycling services like Generated that can help a company of any size dispose of varied waste responsibly, recycling as much waste as possible – often in huge volumes from industries across the country.

Join the EV Revolution – Give Customers and Staff a Chance to Charge

Transport produces a huge amount of the carbon dioxide that humans release into the atmosphere, and electric vehicles have become a popular way to reduce carbon emissions, especially when paired with solar power production.

Having electric vehicle charging stations at your company’s premises can be a great way to encourage people to make the change to zero-emission vehicles, and can even be a revenue stream for your business. Combining solar panels with electric vehicle charging creates an opportunity to sell the sunshine that falls on company property and provide your workers and other members of the community with cheap power for their vehicles.

Many businesses will spend a lot of time looking to their future, planning acquisitions or product development, and working hard for year-on-year increases to their profitability.

If we don’t have a planet fit to live on, the growth of a business will matter little to a planet of people struggling to survive. Every business needs a cleaner and greener world to thrive on, and businesses need to take their environmental responsibilities more seriously, and go green.

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