If you’re a newbie on the subject or if you’ve been eco-friendly since day one, it doesn’t really matter. All that actually matters is to take action right now. Don’t wait for it to feel right or to be more motivated. The planet won’t really wait for anybody and our time is already limited as is. That being said, you need to know what to do in order to do it. So, without further ado, let’s jump into exploring different ways to be sustainable in everyday life.

Education and willingness

The two main things you’ll need to get this eco-friendly party started are to be willing to do it and to not be lazy with exploring some tips and tricks. We’ve made things a bit easier for you by collecting some pretty standard everyday activities in which you could be a bit more sustainable. However, try to further the search and explore different pieces of advice. You’ll quite likely discover a whole community of people that are very excited about raising awareness and helping the environment.

Is minimalism the right answer?

If you’re asking yourself whether sustainability and minimalism are one and the same, the short version of that answer is no. Nevertheless, they do coexist quite well. If you’re someone who likes the idea of being more minimal and living a cleaner lifestyle, then you should consider exploring minimalism alongside being sustainable in everyday life. However, if you’re not someone who can live without the small luxuries of life, don’t let this common misconception turn you away from giving eco-friendly life a try.

Save water and energy to save the Earth

Probably the easiest thing you can do to be sustainable in everyday life is to save water and energy. Although it sounds all sciency and complicated, it’s really not. A great start would be to simply turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shut down the lights when you don’t need them. It may sound too good to be true. However, if you really think about it, it’s very logical. If every one of us were to do this, it would make a huge impact on the overall scheme of things.

Next time you see the light on in a room that’s empty, just turn it off.

Do we choose our health or our planet’s health?

Although it sounds a bit dramatic, sometimes it truly feels like choosing between us and the planet. Finding a balance is key. Don’t give up too many things at once or else you’ll feel demotivated very quickly. However, this doesn’t mean that you should think too small and not give anything up. Choose your priorities. If your skincare routine worsens the Earth’s pollution, think about getting something that’s more eco-friendly even if it means that it won’t work as well. In such small and seemingly insignificant ways, we can really make a contribution.

How to be sustainable in unusual life situations?

Here are some not so everyday life situations where you can try to be sustainable:

  • Relocation
    If you’re getting ready for a move, make sure to really think through all the opportunities you have to make a change. Try to make the right choice for your relocation and hire a company that’ll help you by using the right materials.
  • Travel
    Even though traveling is exciting, it can also be quite polluting. Try to travel by train instead of by plane if that’s at all possible.
  • Celebrations
    If you’re throwing a celebration, one of the most important things you can do is cut all the plastic out of it.

Throw out the trash without being trash

If you are able to, abstain from using any sort of single-use plastic at all times. However, let’s be a bit realistic. Sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. If you’ve already sinned and bought a plastic water bottle, being sustainable in everyday life isn’t out of the equation just yet. Recycling is still an option. Make sure to research all the regulations related to recycling in your city since it’s not the same everywhere.

Nutrition – should I go vegan?

An age-old question that we’ve all been asking ourselves is exactly how our eating habits affect the planet. We’re no strangers to the fact that vegetables revitalize our bodies and minds. However, they’re not too good at saturating our needs most of the time. If you’re someone who simply cannot live without meat, then don’t. Nonetheless, there are so many options such as beyond meat or the impossible burger that serve as excellent replacements. That being said, you don’t need to be 100% vegetarian or vegan if you don’t want to. Even eliminating 20% of your meat or dairy intake is a great start and it’ll doubtlessly help the cause.

If you wish to be eco-friendly in everyday life, you can start by reducing how much meat you consume.

Packing with a green thumb

No matter if you’re moving, traveling, or cleaning out, packing can be quite wasteful. If you wish to be sustainable in everyday life while you pack and care for the environment, make sure to explore all your options. There’s plenty of new packing equipment with eco-friendly materials. Another hot tip is to borrow someone else’s packing tools. This way, even if you’re using plastic boxes and similarly harmful things, at least you’re not purchasing more of them.

Pet ownership and its eco-unfriendly hardships

Although there are various proven health benefits of having pets for our own bodies, are our furry friends harmful to the environment? The answer is really quite simple. Anything you would apply to your own case, apply to your pet’s case as well. There’s no reason not to get an animal whose life you’ll make great. You know the drill – use shampoos that aren’t harmful, get non-wasteful pooper scoopers, and no individually packed granules and treats!

Being sustainable in everyday life isn’t that much harder with a pet.

A cat that you can get and still be sustainable in everyday activities.


If you own some items that you don’t wish to store or keep for later use, don’t just throw them away. A great way to be sustainable in everyday life is to donate. Taking the time to research different ways of doing this will pay off greatly. There’s no better feeling than helping someone in need while helping the environment along the way.

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